To launch our list, we are introducing you to Africa ELI students, David and Stephen.

David is a high school junior and ranked #1 in his class. Stephen is a sophomore and ranked #2. Together, they are peer mentors for their classmates who have performed poorly on exams and want to improve.

In Africa ELI’s first year of registering boys, David and Stephen have become bright stars in their school. In addition to excelling in their studies and boosting the grades of their peers, both are members of GEM Club (Girls’ Education Movement).They are strategic allies encouraging and supporting young people, especially marginalized girls, to stay in school. They recognize the benefits of gender equity and an educated civil society.

David Calls his Mom
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David calls his Mom to tell her that he is #1; she said “Shukran! Shurkran!” to Africa ELI, which is ‘thank you’ in Arabic

David lives with his mother; his father is deceased. Every day he walks 3 miles in the morning to attend school and returns home following his afternoon classes. He likes to read, enjoys science and wants to become a doctor or an engineer.

Stephen walks the same distance as David to get to school. His six mile daily trek is worth the effort as long as he gets to study with textbooks. When Africa ELI staff asked Stephen what he wished for as a reward for his good performance, he said, “more textbooks!” I wonder how many other 16-year-old young men would wish for such?

Africa ELI staff is convinced that David and Stephen are good influences and inspirational young men. Whatever profession they choose to pursue, they will be an asset to the professional work force of Southern Sudan.


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