Greetings from Yei!

Our main Africa ELI education partner, Excel International Academy, has enough resources to construct a classroom building block and two dormitories to “beam level.” That means Excel personnel and Africa ELI donors have so far contributed enough money for brick-making, river sand, cement (345 very heavy sacks of cement!), foundation stones (even heavier than the cement bag!), one newly drilled water well, and local laborers to clear land, construct flooring, and set wall beams. Thank you!

Now we need three rooftops! We have to protect the children and teachers inside from the sun, rain, and windy dust storms! In talking with Mr. Kenneth Wani, the entrepreneurial founder and director of Excel International Academy (and Africa ELI employee from 2008-2013), a bare minimum of $25,000 will help us secure roofing materials for all three structures and pay the local laborers to continue construction.

In this instance, time is not our friend. Let’s review.

In 2008, Africa ELI donors constructed a large, rural high school campus in Mukaya. It was initially operated by Africa ELI personnel and has since been gifted back to the community for long-term sustainability. It is being run by a local school committee in cooperation with Excel International Academy personnel. The 2014 enrollment stands at 138 girls and boys. Africa ELI donors helped Excel to rehabilitate and open two additional campuses in Morobo and Yei, respectively. The Morobo campus is now under the operation of county officials and a local PTA. The Yei town campus sits on leased land from the local Episcopal diocese. The church wants the land back for their further development. Excel, nor Africa ELI, can afford the premium cost set for an extended lease. Purchasing the land is not an option. So, we have considered this challenging situation as an opportunity! (Making lemonade out of lemons!)

With appropriate legal documentation secured from the Jansuk community elders and local county officials, property of 200 x 250 Meters (approximately seven [7] acres) of affordable land has been purchased by Wani Kenneth Evans. It is approximately two miles from the current Yei town main campus.

The new school must be constructed and open by February 2015 in order to not disrupt the education of current Excel students.

Let’s rally to help construct these three rooftops! Please give today!

Give online here or send a check to: Africa ELI, 1550 Centervue Crossing #107, Knoxville, TN 37932.

Let’s do this! Beam us up!
From Yei,

P.S. – If you have ever given to Africa ELI school projects, try to match or increase your previous donations. If you have never given, but have thought about making a donation, now is the time for your action! Thank you!

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