Victor Luke Odhiambo

“You can go it alone,” does not work.  According to Loyola Senior Secondary School principal, Victor Luke Odhiambo, “the world is a village. We are globalized.” He promotes cooperation and collaboration among the Loyola students – inclusive of Africa ELI-sponsored students – in Wau, Southern Sudan.

He tells the faculty, “Don’t make students feel small.” He explains that helping learners realize their potential and giving them encouragement to achieve goals are  also important lessons for them to understand.  He is committed to creating “classrooms of respect” and believes, “teachers set the standard for excellence.”

Having traveled in parts of Europe and America, Principal Odhiambo works to provide various cultural experiences at Loyola. Teachers are from Uganda, Kenya, America and Sudan. Each of them brings unique insights to teaching and they provide a very diverse environment in which young people may thrive.

To ensure accountability at the school, “micro-monitoring” has been implemented. Teachers take student attendance and students take teacher attendance. If someone is not present, peers and colleagues may follow-up with one another to send a message that for an optimal learning experience, presence matters. Everybody counts.

For his determination and vigilance to create an A+ environment for young people, today we recognize Victor Luke Odhiambo as a Champion Changemaker. His influence on the lives of our students will have a positive impact in years to come.


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