London news website the Guardian covered recent developments with Excel Academy and Africa ELI this week.

Author and Guardian contributor James Copnall posted this story on Tuesday.

James Copnall is the author of A Poisonous Thorn in our Hearts: Sudan and South Sudan’s Bitter and Incomplete Divorce. He was the BBC correspondent for Sudan and South Sudan 2009-12, based in Khartoum. He was previously the BBC correspondent for Ivory Coast and Morocco

An Excerpt…

School buildings with mud walls and metal roofs, in which as many as 150 students compete for the attention of the teacher, make an unlikely setting for a South Sudanese success story. Many of the pupils crammed into the basic classrooms are in their mid-20s; others have fled conflict. Education, like everything else in the country, was left in disarray by the two civil wars that led to South Sudan’s independence just over three years ago, and has been further disrupted by the new internal conflict that broke out in December. But despite its many challenges, the Excel Academy, situated in the verdant town of Yei, near the border with Uganda, shows what can be achieved.READ MORE

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