Every girl pictured on this road headed to school is sponsored by Africa ELI 2014 donors. Each girl has maintained the necessary grades to be awarded an Africa ELI sponsorship at Excel International Academy. Every one of them is thinking beyond the start of this New Year and is focused on the coming years.

Equipped with a secondary education and empowered to promote education for all of South Sudan’s daughters and sons, these girls are changemakers. They will carry forward their reading, math, and science skills to become business and family leaders. They will use abilities they gained as community volunteers through the school’s Health Club to improve the health of their relatives in villages. They are already exhibiting an aptitude for teamwork and peacemaking as they successfully co-exist with their peers from all ten states of South Sudan.

Thank you to Africa ELI 2014 donors who have helped them gain access to classrooms, teachers, textbooks, and computer lessons. Men, women, youth, and children from a variety of schools, churches and neighborhoods across the United States have contributed to the well-being of girls and boys yearning for formal education in the world’s newest country.

Let’s keep moving forward together. You still have time to make a special year-end gift to keep these girls, and others like them, in school for 2015. Please make an affordable contribution on our Africa ELI donor page here.¬†Or you can mail a donation to:

Africa ELI
1550 Centervue Crossing
#107, Knoxville, TN 37932

UPDATE ON CONSTRUCTION of a new Excel International Academy: Our main partner school is working feverishly to build and roof two dormitories and a new classroom block BEFORE school begins again in mid-February. During December, we have been able to send $8,100 toward development of the new campus. To reach our goal of $30,000, an additional $21,900 is still needed.

To those who have recently sent donations, please accept our heartfelt gratitude. If you have been thinking about giving, now is the time. Join the cadre of Africa ELI donors who are on this journey to provide equal access to education for all.



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